The USA is known as the united states of America. In this article, we discussed the top 50 oldest cities in the US. Before that, we will look at some common things about America. 

Washington, D.C is the Capital of America and the largest city is New York City. Approximately 331,893,745 people live in the USA as per the 2021 estimate.

    oldest cities in the america

    Who found USA?

    Christopher Columbus found USA On October 12, 1492. He was born in the Italian seaport of Genoa in 1451 and basically, he is an explorer. Americans celebrate Oct 12th as Christopher Columbus day and It is a national holiday since 1934.

    Let's jump into the top 50 Oldest cities in USA.

    50 oldest cities in the US

    Oldest Cities in the America
    Florida, St. Augustine 1565
    New Mexico, Santa Fe 1607
    New York, Albany 1614
    Massachusetts, Plymouth 1620
    Maine, Kittery 1623
    New Hampshire, Dover 1623
    New Jersey, Gloucester City 1627
    Delaware, Lewes 1631
    Virginia, Williamsburg 1632
    Connecticut, Windsor 1633
    Wisconsin, Green Bay 1634
    Rhode Island, Providence 1636
    Maryland, Annapolis 1649
    Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie 1668
    South Carolina, Charleston 1670
    Illinois, Peoria 1680
    Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 1681
    Alabama, Mobile 1702
    North Carolina, Bath 1705
    Louisiana, Natchitoches 1714
    Mississippi, Natchez 1716
    Indiana, Vincennes 1732
    Georgia, Savannah 1733
    West Virginia, Shepherdstown 1734
    Missouri, Ste. Genevieve 1735
    Vermont, Westminster 1735
    California, San Diego 1769
    Kentucky, Harrodsburg 1774
    Arizona, Tucson 1775
    Tennessee, Jonesborough 1779
    Texas, Nacogdoches 1779
    Ohio, Marietta 1788
    Arkansas, Georgetown 1789
    Alaska, Kodiak 1792
    North Dakota, Pembina 1797
    Oregon, Astoria 1811
    Hawaii, Hilo 1822
    Nebraska, Bellevue 1822
    Oklahoma, Fort Gibson 1824
    Minnesota, Wabasha 1826
    Kansas, Leavenworth 1827
    South Dakota, Fort Pierre 1832
    Iowa, Dubuque 1833
    Montana, Stevensville 1841
    Utah, Ogden 1846
    Colorado, San Luis 1851
    Nevada, Genoa 1851
    Washington, Steilacoom 1851
    Idaho, Franklin 1860
    Wyoming, Cheyenne 1867

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is the oldest city in the United States?

    The first oldest city in the USA is St. Augustine, Florida, which was founded in 1565, and it is also known as Nation’s Oldest City.

    2. What is the second oldest city in the United States?

    The second oldest city in the USA is Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was founded in 1607.

    3. When was USA founded?

    4 July 1776 Congress voted to accept the Declaration of Independence and July 4th celebrating as Independence Day.

    4. What was US called before 1776?

    The USA was called before 1776 as United Colonies.

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